Heart Disease and Women
Submitted by Joseph On 2007-08-21

Many women think that they will not have a heart disease but really it is the main killer of women today. They donít think that it will happen to them but with some of the activities that women do in todayís world they may actually be setting themselves up for heart disease. Plus they also have to take in consideration of their family history that does play a role as well on if they are going to have a heart disease later in life. Really they do have to start thinking about heart disease at early stages of their life. It can really start to show up in their early twenties.

When it comes down to what you eat and how you exercise. Just how fit is the women today? Really with all the fast food chains, out there we are all not as healthy as we could be.

In addition, with the hustle and bustle in what a typical person goes though in a day there is a good reason that we are not as fit as we could be. Not many women take the time to have their heart checked out because most feel that it is the man that will end up with heart disease before they do.

But that is not true it would kill a women before it could kill a men, some of them in heart attacks but more in a stroke form.

It is not all about what we eat of do throughout the day. It also includes your medical history of your family and how your health is right now.
Such as do you smoke, have high blood pressure, or diabetics these could help heart disease show up in women.

One thing is that the women do not always have the same systems that the men have. Just like women they are a little unique in one-way or another. Are you aware that a couple of the signs can start with back and neck pain or slurred speech?

No matter what the systems are, women need to get check out just like the men do because after all it is their life they are playing with. It is better to prevent heart disease than get it, because there is no cure for heart disease just ways to help you live longer with ways to slow it down.

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