Space Exploration - Our Survival Depends on It
Submitted by Sam Donaldson On 2007-05-09

It does not matter how anyone personally feels politically these days. Folks who take religion to literal extremes could care less as well as many of these people that the Earth will suffer a biblical or dogmatic fate. Yet as far as we do know, our days as a species on this Earth are numbered. Universal support for NASA and the world’s other space agencies is of the most dire importance. Even if one is not in agreement with United States foreign policy at any given point for example, one should not think less of the importance of the development of space related technologies and space exploration. Everyone’s children in the world will need a new place to call home at some point.

Our Sun, the beloved Sol is not still a young star. There is only a finite amount of fuel it contains and despite it’s power and brilliance, it too has an incept date. Eventually it will swell and even encompass the orbit of Earth itself. All that we know of our beloved and precious Terra will be destroyed and rendered to absolute waste. There is also the danger that the Earth might suffer a major impact event in the meantime from the likes of a comet or giant meteorite. Many Scientists are saying these days that the Earth itself is perhaps as much as 90% into it’s habitability stage. Rather this is true or not is irrelevant. If humanity is to survive as a species, at some point we must evacuate this planet.

It may not be that the destruction of the planet Earth will not take place for maybe hundreds of millions if not billions of years to come; it is of the most extreme importance that humanity can arrive at not just the technological level to construct an escape, but a practical social effort and conscious on the subject as well.
 Regardless of the philosophy and politics of whatever country or countries that exist at any given time, it is of the utmost importance that all of humanity supports the development of technologies related to space travel and other sciences, like Terra Forming for example. We after all did inherit many needful traits from the vile Romans.

Currently NASA is planning a return trip to the Moon that is much more involved and advanced in purpose than our most recent ventures that were over 30 years ago. I say 'our' in the strictest sense of 'Everybody'. This endeavour is indeed important for the benefit of all of humanity. From the Moon we can reach out to spread our presence to the other planets of our solar system and beyond. In the least if some great calamity should happen to mankind between now and the final cataclysm, in the least we would of the knowledge gained from these exploits hopefully safely tucked away in a cave somewhere for posterity. Mankind has plenty of time between now and then to grow and mature a bit more. In the order of things humanity itself is very new.

To put it simply, it is the responsibility of everyone who cares about the ultimate future of mankind to support not just NASA but all of the space exploration and related science agencies from around the world. From the smallest of things the largest and mighty does grow. Personally I’m optimistic about our future. I have the greatest hope that oneday our descendents will perhaps reflect back on the people of the long vanished Earth in awe of our caring and purpose and perhaps see themselves as a celebration of who we were. Perhaps without any lament but pure joy, a single human child whom we successfully managed to shelter around a distant star will shed a tear for thanks to the caring folk who once inhabited a place called Earth. Should this come to pass in the eye of my mind, just this in itself is enough to justify space exploration.

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