Sheep Have Been Cloned...Are Humans Next

By Jillian Gregory


Do you enjoy watching forensic science shows like CSI? Are you interested in genetics and the intricacies of DNA? Genetic engineering that deals with the human genome and DNA has become a hot bed for discussion in recent years. Advancements in forensic science have helped law enforcement to nab criminals and solve previous “cold” cases. Understanding the components of the human body and human nature is valuable information that is a welcome notion of safety for most.

While many would agree that using DNA as evidence is a good idea, manipulating human genetics is another issue. Cloning has surfaced as a debate with moral and ethical implications. Sheep have been cloned. One rationale for cloning animals was to provide more food to starving nations. Is cloning safe? Is creating a replica of an animal ethical? What are the long term effects of cloning?

Many people wonder if cloning humans will come next. Will it be a like a horrible old science fiction movie? How does the cloning process occur? How do scientists and doctors create a clone?

Stem cell research is also an issue discussed on many political shows and at dinner parties around the country. Is stem cell research ethical? When does life technically begin? Stem cell research can help to save a great number of people suffering from disease, but at what cost?
These are complex genetic engineering questions that require a great deal of knowledge before you can make an informed judgment. Become educated about genetic engineering issues by listening to exciting, cutting edge audio books on the subject. You can listen to them in the car on the way to work or on your morning walk.

The human body is a fascinating piece of science. Start by exploring the building blocks of the human body. Listen to DNA: The Secret of Life by James D. Watson. James D. Watson provides a comprehensive account of the genetic revolution. He has fifty years of experience on the subject. He explains the genetic revolution views in the past, present, and what to expect in the future.

Want to relive one of the most dramatic races in biology? Check out The Genome War by James Shreeve. This thrilling audio book details the race to map the human genome. Listen to the scientific adventure of a lifetime!

Concerned about the ethics and moral implications of genetic engineering? Want to know more about each side of the issue? Check out these great audio books to add to your deep well of knowledge. Listen to Enough: Setting Limits on Human Genetic Technology by Bill McKibben and Altering the Blueprint: The Ethics of Genetics by Alexander McCall Smith. Both of these audio books explore the ramifications of altering human genetics. Will humans lose their identity? Will altering human genetics create babies that are “made” instead of born?

Interested in other science topics as well? Check out the Science Friday Podcast. It covers science, health, technology and the environment.
Human DNA, genetics, and cloning will be a focal point of research for many decades to come. Understand the facets of human biology so that you can make informed judgments about any biological issues that may come your way.

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