Veil In The UK Right Or Wrong?


This has sparked a major debate in the UK on whether or not the full veil known as the hijab should or should not be worn in public. In this article I will look into the pros and cons in this argument beginning with why the veil should not be worn in public in the UK.
There is an argument that says that for generations in England, women have fought for full equality. The veil is an outward and visible sign of the subservience of women in the more conservative male dominated muslim sects.

As such it is unacceptable to the host community which is still predominantly liberal, tolerant and Christian. It is only a small step from the veil to hanging women for adultery. This is not a Muslim state and will never be one. The old adage "when in Rome do what the Romans do" can easily apply here.

At the end of the day this is England where everybody should follow the English way. When you speak to a person you should give them eye contact and how can you do that when you can't see their face. What about face to face contact when you can not see somebody's face. Whilst any person lives in England you follow the tradition's and culture of England. Like it or move somewhere else.

The other side of the coin in this debate centres on Britain being a multi culturalist society and we should respect and welcome the traditions of other religions in this country.

We believe in the right of freedom of expression so it should be perfectly acceptable for a muslim woman to wear the hijab whenever and wherever she likes if she is not hurting other people.

How on earth can the veil make you feel uncomfortable?. You can see her eyes and hear her voice what more do you need to see. Women who prance around 'half naked' wearing vest tops, bra tops and bikini tops are the ones who offend and make other people uncomfortable. That compared to the veil is nothing. The veil is a good thing and nothing bad comes from it as result from wearing it.

I have looked at both sides of this debate and written about many of the sensitive issues involved. I will now express my own conclusions on the subject.

I think there are a lot of different groups who get up in arms over things instead of trying to understand why the problem has arisen in the first place. As far as I understand Jack Straw is not commanding the women of Blackburn to take off their veils. he has asked politely, its their choice if they want to or not.

If muslims believe that women should cover their face then let them. Its a belief and as a multi cultural society we should accept that.

When someone notes that those who hide their faces might find it difficult to integrate. This comment should not be a cause for outrage but understanding. Why do people find it difficult to talk to someone who covers their face? Why should not seeing who you are talking to make you uneasy.

Jack Straw has opened an interesting debate, the best outcome can only come from seeing why it has been said in the first place instead of getting outraged and setting up defences

Maybe if we all wore blindfolds we'd appreciate each others personality regardless of what we are wearing.

By: Adam Bell

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